Fittest in Cape Town was started in 2011 by Jobst Olschewski (founder of Cape CrossFit) with the aim to find the fittest athletes in South Africa through a well rounded test of Functional Fitness. Single Skips on a grass soccer field combined with 5RM deadlifts and much more eventually found Neil Scholtz, who just had represented SA at the CrossFit Games in 2010, as the winner on the male side while Ellie Hagopian won the female division.
The competition then was held at Jobst’s box, but quickly outgrew that and in 2012 & 2013 the competition ran at Camps Bay High School which attracted competitors from all over South Africa to compete on a venue that surely has one of the most epic arena views in the world? 

This followed by a year in Stellenbosch 2014. And then fast forward to 2015 when new Event Director Tiaan Visser brought FiCT back to Camps Bay High and the new team then grew in 2016 with Competition Director Chris Oman and Tiaan introducing the first ever Beach Workout at Fittest, which was equal parts freaking athletes out with the cold ocean swim and at the same time a massive success that athletes chatted about for months afterwards.

The Beach Workouts has since then been a staple at Fittest in Cape Town, and without giving too much info away we know that we like to follow our history started back in the very beginning with a fairly big part of the event taking athletes (literally) outside of their comfort zone and mix the standard barbells and pull ups with running up mountain sides, swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean - or like last year throw in a Stand Up Paddle Board part of the event!

No matter what surprises we intend to throw in the mix for CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019, we also intend to stay true to the values installed in to this historically loved competition. And as we always say, it might be good to: know your history..