Massive Field, Proven Test: Team Preview for Cape Town

Date Published: Jan 26, 2019
By Brian Friend

The team competition at Fittest in Cape is a unique and special occasion. The Community Series, as it is called, has been included since 2012, the second year of the competition’s existence, and in recent years it has consisted of close to 100 teams each year! The big field of competitive teams allows for a celebration of fitness for South Africa where many teams are not necessarily there to win, but instead to have fun in a competitive setting. The really impressive thing is that Fittest in Cape Town has shown the ability to do so while also featuring a proven, effective measure of fitness for the elite teams in the field who have come with the intention to win. For a couple of those teams, this is their best chance of earning the exclusive, and coveted, invitation to the CrossFit Games that comes with winning. Remember, the only way to get to the CrossFit Games this season for Teams is by winning a Sanctional ™, here are the teams most likely to do so in South Africa:

Cape CrossFit Wolfpack (Justin Swart, Vicky Polydorou, Tash Nel, Richard Wollboldt)

This Wolfpack team returns as the defending champions from last year’s competition. They also won back in 2016, and therefore come in with a target on their back as the team to beat. In their fourth consecutive year at the Meridian Regional last year, they won first place, finally earning a trip to the CrossFit Games where they went on to finish 20th. Justin and Vicky have been on the Wolfpack team at Regionals each of the past four years. Richard has been on it the last two years. And Tash was on the team with them in 2017. This team has experience, but has also experienced success. They are the favourites coming in to this year’s competition, but there are a couple other teams who will have something to say about it.

Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Crossfit XY (Hjordis Osk, Haraldur Holgersson, Ingimar Jonsson, Sandra Arnardottir)

XY was the top team through the online qualifying process and enter the competition with the intention of challenging the Wolfpack for the top spot. The CrossFit XY team may be familiar to some, they qualified for the CrossFit Games in 2016 and 2017 out of the Meridian Regional. Team Captain Hjordis Oskarsdottir was on those teams as well as other Games Teams in 2013 & 2011, but she has also qualified multiple times to Regionals as an individual. Haraldur Holgersson is quite young (20 years old), but he has experience at the Games. He was 8th in the teenage division in 2016, and joined Hjordis on the 2017 XY team.

Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Vondelgym (Nienke Van Overveld, Jeremy Reijnders, Sigrid Koolhaas, Sven Verheul):

Traveling down from the Netherlands for the competition, Vondelgym is another team in the field with CrossFit Games experience. Last year, Nienke, Jeremey, and Sven were all on the team  when they took 33rd place at the Games. Sigrid was on a team with Sven, CrossFit 075, in 2015 that placed 24th at the Games that year. These athletes don’t necessarily shine or stand out from their individual experiences, but as a team, they have built up trust and confidence in each other for years. Highly capable athletes, with elite level chemistry, is the recipe for success in team competition. Vondelgym certainly has those characteristics, and is a genuine threat to stand atop the podium in South Africa with an invitation to the CrossFit Games in hand.

Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Superhero Project (Marcus Erixon, Elin Rova, Linus Johansson, Emelie Lundberg):

This exact team competed together at the Dubai CrossFit Championships where they finished 8th place out of the exclusive 10 team field they had there. Prior to joining up to compete together throughout this season, three of them had previous experience at Regionals. Their team captain, Erixon competed as an individual last year in Europe, Linus was a former team member at the Meridian Regional in 2017, and Emelie has qualified twice for Regionals as an individual, she finished 15th in Europe last year. It seems under the new format they have come together to make a run towards earning an invite to the Games. They came up short in Dubai, but will be looking to improve on that performance in Cape Town.

Jacked Rebels (Brandon Jacobs, Celeste Maritz, Mary Jamieson, Bruno Calha):

Three of the four members of this impressive South African team have some serious competitive experience they’ll be bringing to the table. Brandon and Celeste were both members of CrossFIt PBM which qualified for the CrossFit Games last season. Celeste is also the reigning fittest woman in South Africa and has been to Regionals 4 times. Mary is a 5 times Regional athlete. As an individual she has finished as high as 22nd, which she did in both 2016 and 2018. Bruno steps in for Ruan Duvenage who is sidelined with injury. Nevertheless, the Jacked Rebels won’t have to travel far to compete here and will try to leverage that home-country advantage against some of the other strong international teams in the field.



  1. Cape CrossFit Wolfpack
  2. Superhero Project
  3. CF XY
  4. Vondelgym
  5. Jacked Rebels