Schedule and Venue information for CrossFit FiCT 2019

Date Published: Jan 28, 2019

CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town starts in 48 hours -
here's what you need to know!

The above schedule is subject to slight change between days, but will give great general guidelines.

WEDNESDAY 30th of January

After registration the Individual Athletes will be bused to an unknown location. This event is mainly a surprise event to test the athletes in the truly Unknown & Unknowable - but will also be open with free entry for spectators.
We will however only release info about where to spectate as follow:

  • General Area Release - 24h before start (Tuesday at 13.00 SA-Time).
  • Exact Coordinates - 60min before start (Wednesday 12.00 SA-Time). 

This means that if you want to spectate you should move to the general area and wait for the exact location to be released at 12.00 - it will be within 10min driving distance from the General Area Release.

THURSDAY 31st of January

The Individual Athletes will have one part of their test take place during a time where there can't be any spectators in the stadium due to safety reasons: Their For Time: "400m Run"-event. 

After that event the Individuals will be transported to Clifton 4th Beach by us before they get some instructor led practice before their Beach WOD. 

The Teams will start their CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019 on the Beach where they will be tested in an area never before tested on the beach at FiCT, keep your eyes open for more info released Monday afternoon!

NB: There is no entrance fees to Clifton 4th but we can't promise that everyone will fit close to the arena we are building.


These two days will be held at the Green Point Athletics Stadium where only ticket holders will have access. Get your tickets HERE! 


The competition will swop between Team and Individual events, and all WOD's will be taking place both on the 400m Track and in the Grass Field Arena.
We expect the events to be adrenaline filled and super exciting to watch all the way, but a few notable ones you probably don't want to miss are the ones that will take place on Friday afternoon on the 100m Sprint area of the track - right in front of the Spectator Stands!



Fittest in Cape Town 2019 will for the first time in FiCT history be streamed live via Facebook Live and on our Webpage!

The production is a simple version of a live feed and will NOT be commentated at all times as an example. The idea is for people from across the world to check in and see what's going on in combination with keeping themselves updated through our Social Media channels that will pump information constantly.

There will most likely be a little wrap up from most events, and/or at the end of each day where our MC's will give you a break down on what's happened so far. 

We hope you support our efforts to make FiCT somewhat accessible even for those that can't attend the stadium itself.