Online Qualifier FiCT Community Series

FiCT have always been a community driven event and as such we are excited to announce that  CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019 will run the "FiCT Community Series" within the main Team Division as a mean for Affiliates to showcase their homegrown teams!

The FiCT Community Series will in the end have a separate prize pool and leaderboard.

A Community Series Team MUST contain athletes that are only training a minimum of 51% at the affiliate they represent. To Sign Up for the Community Series an affiliate must register ONE team (registration fee for Online Qualifier: R600 (approx $40) under their Affiliate Name where they can then put ALL their members that are participating in the Online Qualifiers.
Teams can chose different team names when registering for the Main Event if they qualify.

The Affiliate Team's score for each WOD will then be determined based on the top 2 female and top 2 male athletes in the Affiliate Team ranked after the entire Online Qualifier Period - any Individually qualified athletes that chooses to accept their invitation will be taken off the team roster and as such can not contribute to the Team’s ranking.

At the end of the Qualifier the teams will be ranked alongside the Super Teams and invitations will be sent out based on the 3 Wave System explained below.

NB: This means that an Affiliate CAN qualify more than 1 team out of their big team group!

Fee to register a team for the Main Event is R4.000 (approx $270).

All athletes that want to represent any team during the Online Qualifiers and potentially Main Event MUST register individually and complete at least ONE Online Q-WOD.

All athletes taking part in the Online Qualifiers are recommended to use the “Official Timer” from WODProof App and in there you will find video standards required. Any videos not fulfilling the video standards will be rejected, resulting in a zero score in that WOD.
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town reserves the right to request a video from ANY athlete at any time.