Online Qualifier Individuals

CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town Online Qualifiers will find the 20 fittest men and women and invite them to compete in the Individual Division during the 2019 main event.
After the 3 WOD's have been completed during the period between 1-11th of November, the judges team will validate scores through video submission* and an invite will be sent out to the highest ranked athletes who will then be given 72 hours to register for the Main Event at will.
*All athletes aiming to compete individually MUST provide a video for ALL 3 FiCT2019 Q-WODs upon score submission before the deadline of 23:59 SA time on Sunday the 11th of November 2018.

Cost to register for the Main Event will be R1.500 (approx $100).

*Due to the nature of the 2019 CrossFit Games competition season we will allow for any athlete that is registered for a "Community Series" team to first accept their individual invitation and then change that to a Team Spot if they would change their mind after the Dubai CrossFit Championship due to rather wanting to "go team".

All athletes taking part in the Online Qualifiers are recommended to use the “Official Timer” from WODProof App (download here: and in there you will find video standards required. Any videos not fulfilling the video standards will be rejected, resulting in a zero score in that WOD.
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town reserves the right to request a video from ANY athlete at any time.