Online Qualifier Team Division

CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town Online Qualifiers will find the 100 fittest Teams and invite them to compete in the Team Division during the 2019 main event.

New for the 2019 season is that FiCT will in accordance with the CrossFit Games Rulebook allow for Super Teams to qualify and compete in the Main Event.

The Team Division will consist of both Super Teams and Affiliate Teams (read more under the Community Series block) competing alongside for the title, prize money, and single Team ticket to the CrossFit Games 2019.

All teams that want to compete at CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019 must qualify through the Online Qualifiers. A Team Captain must register the Team, Fee R600 (approx $40), and ALL athletes that want to be part of the team must also register Individually at a fee of R150 (approx $10).
A Super Team can ONLY consist of the 4 athletes (2 female & 2 male) that registers originally, and can ONLY replace an athlete if she/he has qualified for the FiCT Main Event.*
Affiliate Teams will be allowed to register ALL their athletes under one big team and scores will then be counted from the top ranked 2 female & 2 male at the end of the qualifier period.

After the 3 WOD's have been completed during the period between 1-11th of November, the judges team will validate Team Athletes scores through video submission and an invite will be sent out to the highest ranked Teams in 3 "Waves".

The Wave system will first invite the 50 highest ranked teams (Super Teams and Community Series Affiliate Teams combined) who will then be given 72 hours to register for the Main Event at will before the leaderboard gets re-schuffled by now registered Teams getting their two highest ranked female and male athletes deducted from their roster, and we invite up to Team 75 from that point in the Second Wave of invites, and then up to the total of 100 Teams in the third wave with the same reranking process.

Cost to register for the Main Event will be R4.000 (approx $270) per team.

All athletes taking part in the Online Qualifiers are recommended to use the “Official Timer” from WOD-Proof App and in there you will find video standards required. Any videos not fulfilling the video standards will be rejected, resulting in a zero score in that WOD.
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town reserves the right to request a video from ANY athlete at any time.