Team WODs



  • Team will wait in their lane while 2 athletes performs carry.
  • One athlete will remain at end of lane while ONE athlete swims.
  • Once swimmer is back the pair will carry back to safety zone.
  • Shuttle Runs can be performed in “any” order but must be F/M/F/M…
  • Synchro CTB is performed in F/M pairs, but pairs can be swopped. (Minimum Requirement is 1 Synchro CTB from each athlete)
  • Synchro KBS must be performed by 1 FEMALE & 1 MALE athlete.
  • KBS will be performed facing each other. (Minimum Requirement is 1 Synchro KBS from each athlete).
  • Team will advance KBs toward Water every 20 KBS.
  • Team Synchro Squats are performed by ALL 4 athletes together.
  • Team will advance KBs toward Rig every 20 Squats.
  • Time Stops when last athlete passes finish line.
  • Any unfinished reps will be added as +1s to the CAP.





“The Pain Train”






  • TTB are performed on STARTING SIDE of Rig.
  • Bar MU are performed on FINISH SIDE of Rig.
  • All Athletes Starts outside of SAFETY ZONE.
  • Athletes Swops outside of SAFETY ZONE.
  • Team must swop F/M/F/M on Bar Gymnastics.
  • Any order is permitted on the HSW.
  • There will be a TIEBREAKER after each Bar Movement (after 80 TTB/40 Bar MU). 




  • The Team athletes will all start behind the start line and on “GO” proceed to their Team Bar to perform 21 Deadlifts.
  • There will be a “female" & a “male' side loaded unevenly.
  • For the Deadlift to count all athletes must lock out at the same time.
  • For the Burpees all athletes must touch their chest to the floor, while facing the bar, at the same time.
  • For a Burpee to count the entire team must also be in the air at the same time.
  • If no repped for the jump the team must step over the bar to repeat the jump.
  • After each round of Burpees the team must move a box forward to the next marker. 
  • After the LAST burpee the team will run towards the finish line and all athletes must jump over their box, time stops when the last athlete passes the finish line. 



  • Teams will be given 2 loaded barbells.
  • At start one gender pair starts with Cleans and the other gender pair starts with HSPU
  • Once both are done with 50 reps, they swop to start their 50 of the other movement.
  • Once done with 50 reps per pair in both movement the Team must move both barbells forward towards the next platform.
  • One pair will then start with Snatches while other pair starts with Ring Muscle Ups.
  • Once both pairs have done 25 reps, they swop.
  • Any unfinished reps gets added as 1s to the time cap.
  • There is a tiebreaker after last finished rep range.





“The FiCT 2019 Team Finals”